Corporate Overview

REH Group Corporate OverviewREH focuses on the development, construction and operation of green-field and refurbished independent power plants (IPPs) in the range of 5MW to 50 MW across Southern Africa.

It has successfully developed the 3MW Sol Plaatje and the 4MW Merino Hydro power plants under the Bethlehem Hydro IPP, the first green field hydro to be built in South Africa since the mid-1980s, and the 4.5MW Stortemelk project, which was one of the first two hydro projects under the South African government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) Programme. Combined with the new projects we are currently developing, our track record places REH as the foremost developer and long-term investor in the hydropower sector in South Africa.


REH Group OrganogramThe REH Group conducts its business through its three core entities, namely

  • Renewable Energy Holdings (Proprietary ) Limited (“REH”): the holding and investment company;
  • REH Project Development (Proprietary) Limited: a wholly-owned subsidiary of REH; and
  • REH Operations and Maintenance (Proprietary) Limited: a wholly-owned subsidiary of REH.

REH has roots going back to a Netherlands based project management consulting group established in 2000. From our initial focus on project management consulting on projects in over 20 countries, the company has evolved and restructured to become a pure play, hydro-focused company, with project development and operations and maintenance forming the core elements of REH’s business.

REH is owned by its founder and a responsAbility Managed Fund (Swiss). REH has a funding arrangement with the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund), which enables REH to pursue its development activities as well as its equity stakes in projects.

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Business & Strategy

REH Group Business StrategyREH’s three areas of activity comprise investment (ownership), project development, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Each of these activities is managed through a dedicated company. Ownership of subsidiaries and shareholdings in project special purpose vehicles (SPVs) companies are held through the holding company, Renewable Energy Holdings (Proprietary) Limited. REH’s wholly owned subsidiaries, REH Project Development (Proprietary) Limited and REH Operations and Maintenance (Proprietary) Limited, are responsible for the project development and O&M activities respectively.

REH Project Development has experience in the management of all phases of project development, from the initial site identification and pre-feasibility assessments, to licensing, design and procurement, through to financial closure of a project. Most development activities are handled in-house while more specialist and technical activities implemented through subcontractors.

REH Operations and Maintenance is the only specialised O&M service provider of its kind in South Africa. REH Operations and Maintenance has specialised knowledge and experience in O&M for hydropower IPPs and provides a range of tailor made solutions and services which have been developed and refined over the course of years of operating in the South African hydropower market.

REH Group’s know-how, experience and resources, combined with the specialist technical inputs from leading international consultants, enable us to effectively deliver the various components of project development: securing development rights, technical feasibility studies, licensing, permitting, financing as well as the engineering procurement and contracting process.

REH is committed to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards throughout its business. Our business model is based on active ownership and responsible, sustainable development of renewable energy. Our projects are developed in close co-operation with all stakeholders: land owners, local communities, governmental authorities as well as financial institutions.