Jerome Niessen

Non-Executive Director

Hieronymus (Jerome) Niessen joined the Board of Directors in July 2019, representing responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding (rAREH), a renewable energy developer based in Nairobi and owned by KfW, Norfund and NDF. rAREH owns a significant (26 %) stake in REH. rAREH aims to be an active investor in REH, helping it expand in other Southern Africa Countries.

Jerome has a background in project development and project finance for nearly 30 years.  He worked for the IFC for circa 12 years in finance, working on (mainly) power projects in Sub Sahara Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including hydro projects.   He financed among other projects, the first IPP in India, the first IPP in Pakistan and a large hydro in Latin America. In addition, he has been an entrepreneur and developer of renewable energy projects for his own account in India, Europe and the US (including a 264 MW wind farm in WV) for nearly 15 years.  He joined rAREH in 2015, where he is now the CEO.  Under his leadership, rAREH grew from a small renewable energy developer into a well established developer with a well diversified robust portfolio with three  hydros in operations, two under construction and a number of projects at a very advance stage of development.