Project Development

As one of the first independent power producers (IPPs) in South Africa, REH Project Development is able to draw upon an established track record of project development which has yielded award winning projects and a wealth of experience in hydropower development.

Greenfield project development

The bulk of REH’s projects are greenfield developments, initiated and managed from conception up to operation by REH Project Development.

Broadly, our greenfield development strategy comprises the following key competencies:

  • Location scouting and site identification
  • Procurement of necessary land, water, and other developmental rights and authorisations, including stakeholder engagement
  • Management and conclusion of technical feasibility studies
  • Securing financing and project company structures based on sound commercial principles
  • Managing engineering procurement and contracting
  • Managing the construction and supervision of installation
  • Continuing operations and maintenance services through REH Operations and Maintenance

Our business model is based on active ownership and responsible, sustainable development of renewable energy projects. Our projects are developed in close co-operation with all stakeholders: land owners, financial institutions, governmental authorities and in particular, local communities.

Partnering on the development of mature projects

In addition to the REH Group’s capacity to initiate and manage greenfield projects, REH also has the capacity to invest in and apply its expertise on existing projects. With a long track record and specialised knowledge and skills, REH is able to provide key support both in terms of project management and development, as well as providing financial and investment resources to projects in new and emerging markets.