Socio-Economic Development

REH Group commitment to socio economic developmentA commitment to supporting socio-economic development and community participation is an important aspect in REH’s strategy. Through each of its projects, REH has directly engaged with and facilitated the establishment of charitable trusts and community-led organisations, each of which maintain a share and enjoy economic benefits in the various projects established in different communities.

Socio-economic development obligations under the South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) Programme require the projects developed by REH to have high shares of local content procurement and local ownership, as well as a significant share of job creation being provided to local communities.

Not only is REH one of the only entirely South African-owned independent power producers active in South Africa, but our partner Mergon is one of the largest philanthropic investors in South Africa. Together with Mertech, REH supports the South African Nation Builder initiative. Combining that with the BBBEE ownership and additional shareholdings by community structures, this results in a business, which is plowing back a major share of its returns to poor communities across South Africa.

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